Feeling better than I did this morning though I owe a thanks to beer for lifting my spirits. Went for a 9km bike ride and burned more calories than I have eaten all day. I feel happy about that but babe is about to get home and we are going for food. All for nought.


This is a test. This is an attempt at dumping my brains onto the floor and seeing if seeing the mess will help me sort it out any. Or at all. I have struggled with this thought so many times. Do I say something or do I keep it in for eternity and let it kill me. Let me kill me. The latter sounds tempting. The latter sounds comfortable and kind. I do not know how to go about this. I do not want to hit post. But I spoke to a woman the other day who made me feel like I should. She wanted my money and my secrets. I don’t know if i can give her either.